Are you an all-around sports lover? Why not try out a new exciting and addictive sport that aims to stimulate, motivate, and challenge all players! Combining 2 of the most popular sports in the world, Footgolf provides all players of all ages and abilities with a memorable, fun-filled experience that will leave them itching to go again! The team at Mount Ober Footgolf cannot wait to welcome you to this great game!

What is all involved in Footgolf?

Footgolf at Mount Ober is played on the club's golf course but using a football! With a full 18-hole course, the purpose of the game is to kick the ball into each hole in the fewest amount of kicks possible! This is an exciting, unique outdoor activity based in Belfast. It is suitable for everyone of all ages and also offers group visits, making the perfect trip for families, birthday parties, hen and stag parties and more!

To ensure that players are ready for Footgolf, they are encouraged to bring along a standard size 4-5 football with them so they can play the game properly and keep track of their shots easier. No need to worry if you do not have a ball to bring as they can be rented from the activity centre when you arrive. In regard to footwear, all shoes and trainers are permitted as long as they do not have any large studs or blades.

If you’re looking to have a stag party or a weekend away with your mates, Belfast is the perfect place to go. As the capital and largest city in Ireland, there’s nothing you would want to do that you couldn’t find in Belfast.

  • Footballs to rent from £1 per player
  • £12 Per person for 18 holes
  • Group bookings are available via the website
  • Changing rooms and toilets are available at the course
  • Hot food and drinks available to order

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