Do you love football and golf? How about you combine the two! To create a very competitive game of footgolf, the rules are simple kick the ball into the oversized holes in as few kicks as possible, the 18 hole golf course plays across The Nagel burn that runs through the village of Gortin so while having fun you will get to enjoy some fantastic scenery on the way!

What group activities can you do in County Tyrone?

Gather your friends and family for a brilliant day of footgolf with Gortin Centre in County Tyrone located less than 30 minutes outside of Omagh.

Looking for a fun activity to do with your friends in County Tyrone? How about the fun and highly competitive game of football golf, football golf can be played in any group size and there are 18 holes to shoot into. The games can be played at your own pace and you can add your own twists and rules to the games!

If you’re heading to Ireland why not make a weekend of it. Just 30 minutes outside of Omagh there’s always going to be something to do. With over 20 parks to visit and several options for leisure around the town, Omagh is the perfect place to take your kids to have an enjoyable weekend away!

  • Activity duration of around 2.5 hours
  • 18 different holes to play!
  • Group bookings available for whatever type of group you are
  • Accommodation available nearby
  • Located less than 30 minutes outside of Omagh

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