Grab some of your buddies and come along to the Pulse Gaming Lounge in Derby! The lounge is the perfect hideout for gamers of all ages to hang out, play games, and chill out with food and drinks! This gaming venue is perfect for friends to play together, enjoy LAN parties or even take part in competitive esports! If you are an avid gamer then this lounge will suit all of your virtual needs!

Why should I visit the Pulse Gaming Lounge in Derby?

Pulse Gaming Lounge is a customer-focused business that is dedicated to providing the best possible social environment for its guests! With plenty of platforms to cater to multiple different gaming interests while also developing a long-lasting tight-knit community of players, this venue is the perfect retreat to meet new people with similar interests and have a great stress free time with your friends!

One of the main selling points at Pulse Gaming Lounge is the thrilling immersive e-sports racing features they provide. Guests can take a seat and prepare for the ultimate racing experience. The lounge comes with an official Formula 1 simulator that is used by professionals in the e-sports scene as well as actual Formula 1 drivers to practice tracks and conditions! There is also a Full Motion Racing Simulator that comes equipped with full chair movement so drivers can feel every element of high octane racing in virtual reality!

There are a number of Virtual Reality headsets at the Lounge so guests can escape from reality and unwind in any environment they can imagine! Perfect for trying out the latest technology in gaming as well as a great way to relax and immerse yourself in a world of fantasy tailored for you!

  • VR Gaming £24 for 1 hour and £42 for 2 hours
  • F1 Standard Booking £19
  • F1 community night £25
  • Closed Mondays and Thursdays



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