Gaming VR Experience In Inverness

Looking to game in Inverness? Experience the ultimate gaming experience down at the Inverness virtual reality centre!

Where can I try VR in Inverness?

Located in the Slackbuie area of Inverness, down at the state of the arc gaming facility is Inverness virtual reality, you'll find Inverness premier virtual reality centre - they offer an incredible virtual reality gaming experience for all gamers! It's about a 10 minute drive from Station Square via the B865.

If you’re in Inverness and have always wanted to try VR, then the Inverness virtual reality centre is the perfect activity to add to your stack! The centre offers VR gaming experiences for all gamers boasting a large selection of games for all genres. The latest virtual reality tech is used, truly teleporting you into the game in an immersive experience – from virtual reality racing on a 5d motion platform, to playing first-person shooters in a haptic suit and treadmill, the centre offers amazing gaming experiences for both individuals and groups. You wont want to miss out on this one!

How long can I use VR for?

It is strongly advised that you use VR for no longer than an hour before you take a break, as using it for too long without stopping can cause eye strain.

At IVR, you will experience ‘Presence’ like never before. Featuring high-end PCs, commercial grade headsets, haptic suits, guns with recoil, motion based simulation, artificial wind, and MUCH more, the centre has lots of choices when it comes to multiplayer and CO-OP VR games. Arizona Sunshine, Phasmophobia, and After The Fall are among their most popular games.

  • 1-hour virtual realty session £25 pp
  • 5d sim racing experience £40 pp
  • 90-minute VR session featuring haptic suits, treadmills ,guns eg £35 pp
  • 7 days/week from 10:00AM – 7:00PM
  • Online book is essential

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