Visit the Gem Rock Museum in Creetown

Interested in seeing some amazing crystals and learning all about the earth? The Gem Rock museum, they have a wide range of rare and beautiful gems, rocks and minerals, including one of the largest gold specimens in the UK the ‘Maverick’ nugget and a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite! Explore the crystal cave with new wonders around every corner and learn just how hard a diamond really is. With plenty to see and learn this is a fantastic activity for families and anyone with a keen interest in geology!

Where is the Gem Rock museum?

The museum can be found on Chain Road near the centre of Creetown.

Settle into the Professor’s Study and learn all about how gems and minerals are formed, extracted and turned into amazing pieces of art through their audio-visual presentation. Once you’ve explored the museum be sure to go and grab a delicious slice of cake from the Prospector’s Pantry Tearoom.

  • Prices – £5 a ticket
  • Pre-book to ensure you get in
  • Opening times – Mon-Sun – 10am – 4pm
  • Tearoom open from 10am – 4pm

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