The George Sound Track Trail is one to put in your bucket list, this 4 day journey will take you on a once in a lifetime experience visiting many breath taking sights. It is a fun yet very challenging experience, it is advised that only very experienced hikers only take part in this difficult trail. If you love beautiful scenery and challenging conditions then this will definitely suit you. The track is known for its muddy and wet surfaces, hikers should prepare for delays as due to heavy rain some areas of the hike can not be passed due to safety, extra nights are something each hiker must keep in mind.


Where can i book a track trail adventure in Southland New Zealand?

You can book the George Sound Track Trail on the Fiorland Outdoors website, you will also find every key piece of information that you will need before booking this truly wonderful experience.


A high level fitness is key when partaking in this specific hike as it is not like a normal hike due to the numerous rough patches and difficult obstacles on the way. However as difficult as it may seem to do it is most definitely worth joining as it carries some of the most stunning views in south New Zealand and it will fill you with pride when you reach that finishing point. One thing to note is that the rivers and lakes are prone to rapid rising when conditions get bad so beware of the risks that may surround this.


  • Available all year round
  • Experienced hikers only
  • $234 per person on hike