Ghost Tour Exploration Game in Glasgow

Edinburgh is world-famous for its Ghost tours, but Glasgow can also rival its neighbour city in this field. Discover the hidden treasures in the city, while also playing an interesting game. This ghost tour provides patrons with the opportunity to go on a journey around Glasgow to find the most haunted parts of the city, all while using your smartphone! This intriguing tour will take you to such sites across the city as George square and Merchant city. This game encourages players to find clues throughout the tour and discover some of the haunted stories about the people who lived in those areas.

Where does the tour start for this Glasgow Ghost Tour?

It can be started or stopped wherever you want, as each place on the tour is completely different.

This is a completely private tour and it lacks the traditional tour guide element, which may interest some visitors to the city. The tour app; which is required to take part, runs on GPS which means players can embark on the journey without wifi. Although, this is provided throughout the city centre.

  • Can be carried out in groups.
  • Completely contactless as tickets are booked online.
  • 1hour 30 minutes duration.

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