Do you wish to see the beauty of south New Zealand? Now is your chance to see the wonderful sites in a thrilling helicopter experience, with many different tours available you are guaranteed to find the perfect day in the sky. All pilots hold a New Zealand Commercial Helicopter Pilot License so not to worry as you are in the safest hand New Zealand has to offer when looking down from above. The two glaciers in south New Zealand that you can get up close and personal too are Franz Josef Glacier and the Fox Glacier, the Franz Josef glacier is one of the worlds best “ice architecture” the glacier was able to be climbed and seen on foot up until 2008 when it started retreating, in 2012 the terminal face collapsed and it is now only accessible by helicopter. Although only accessed by the helicopter it still is one of the most stunning glaciers in the world.


Where can we book?

Booking a Helicopter tour of the wonderful glaciers in New Zealand is very simple and easy to do, you can book man different tours on the Glacier Helicopter website.


The Fox Glacier is one of the few rare glaciers in the world the world that has a ocean and a rain forest in such close proximity, there can be up to 3 meters a day in ice growth on the glacier making it one of a kind. There are many tour options available on this particular glacier, there is tours that last 20 minutes to ones with an overnight stay in the beautiful Bella Vista which will also include a flight above the wonderful glacier.


  • Overnight stay booking from $250
  • Photographs available through out
  • Pre booking is necessary

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