Glacier Skills and Ropework Course
Glacier Skills and Ropework Course

Glacier Skills and Ropework Course

This is a fantastic way to kick start your glacier travelling skill set! Spend five days exploring multiple outlet glaciers while learning and honing some essential skills for any glacier traveller. This is a comprehensive course covering all basic techniques with no prior experience required. Participants will be able to travel safely on variable terrain on a glacier, set up top-rope ice climbing on a glacier, and perform a simple crevasse rescue. This course is aimed at hard ice outlet glaciers, i.e. glaciers without year-round snow cover. Hence, snow-related topics (e.g. roped-up travel) will not be addressed formally.

What personal equipment should I bring with me?

You are required to bring outdoor clothing suitable for variable weather and temperatures and good hiking boots suitable to wear with crampons. Good clothes and boots are vital on this course. Sunglasses, a warm hat and a cap are also recommended. You will also need a backpack for your personal belongings and technical gear. Bring thick and thin gloves, water bottles, and lunch and snacks for each day.

The course runs for 5 consecutive days. Teaching on the course is in the form of lectures and presentations, demonstrations, group discussions and workshops, and practical exercises. Each day will start with a morning meeting at 0900 where the day’s topics are presented, and end with a short discussion and a debrief of the day where important points are highlighted. The days are scheduled to run for 8 hours. Prior familiarity with technical systems (i.e. using a rope) is not required for this course. Practical skills, such as cramponing or route finding/selection on the glacier, will be addressed in a lecture format, but mostly trained in the appropriate terrain. During the course, participants will get feedback on their performance in real-time during exercises and on-demand.

At the end of the course, participants will have a working understanding of:

  • Safe and efficient use of crampons
  • Effective use of an ice axe
  • Glacier morphology and route selection on a crevassed glacier
  • General glaciology
  • Mountain weather
  • Glacier hazard identification and management
  • Common knots used in mountaineering
  • Common equipment used in mountaineering
  • Rappelling and ascending a rope
  • Setting up a pulley system and performing a crevasse rescue
  • Basic ice climbing technique
  • Belaying a climber

Participants will receive a signed diploma, confirming that they have completed the course. In addition, participants will receive personalized feedback, highlighting strengths and areas worth improving, as well as recommendations moving forward.

  • Duration – 5 days
  • Group size – 6 per instructor
  • Price – 90.000 ISK per person

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