Glass-Bottom Boat Trips in The Highlands

All aboard the Seaprobe Atlantis! Get ready for the experience of a lifetime on this glass-bottom boat! This magnificent vessel allows visitors to enjoy all of the fantastic sea views of Skye and the mainland. Look out for Seals, Otters and other wildlife before taking to below the decks to look through the underside of the boat and discover the magical underwater world that lies beneath!

Why should I go on a glass-bottom boat trip in The Highlands?

Guests aboard the Seaprobe Atlantis can enjoy a view from under the water sitting below the waves, and looking through the large underwater panoramic windows. This boat trip is like no other and allows guests to view the bustling sea life underneath the water's surface! Book your trip now and discover what lies in the depths!

The underwater section of the Seaprobe Atlantis is easily accessible and sturdy to support all guests. There is room for full head height and bench seating next to the 26 large underwater windows! This boat is very unusual and took months to be designed and remains the only boat of its kind in the UK!

The larger wildlife trips on offer include an opportunity to check out the HMS Port Napier WWII shipwreck, which has been voted as one of the best diving sites in the UK, all from the comfort of the underside of the boat looking through its windows!

On the Seaprobe Atlantis, the aim is to make sure opportunities to spot as much wildlife as possible are provided to the visitors. As well as Otters and Seals, there are around 16 species of birds and regular sightings of porpoises, dolphins and whales! These creatures welcome visitors and make for excellent viewing from the boat’s glass bottom!

  • 1-Hour trips cost £20 for adults, £12 for youths, £10 for children, and £5 for toddlers
  • 2-Hour trips cost £32 for adults, £19 for youths, £16 for children, and £9 for toddlers
  • Limited disabled access, please contact the Seaprobe Atlantis for more information


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