Glenashdale Falls on the Isle of Arran

Glenashdale Falls (also known by its Gaelic name, Eas a’ Chrannaig) is considered not only to be one of the great natural wonders of Arran. It’s a stunning double cascade waterfall hidden in the lush Glenashdale Woods. You can view both levels of this stunning waterfall thanks to the two different viewing platforms! The waterfall itself is found on a 5km loop trail through the Glenashdale Forest – it’s an excellent opportunity for a walk, a run or a hike.

Here’s a tip: try and visit the falls after a period of heavy rain, then it’s an even grander sight.

Where can I find Glenashdale Falls?

It’s located west of whiting bay, on the eastern coast of Arran. Start (and finish) the walk on the A841 at the golf course.

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