Do you have what it takes to stay up in the air for hours gliding on nothing but the ever-changing air around you? At Southdown Gliding they’ll teach you how to read the skies, catch rising air currents and soar like a bird on one of their gliders! Gliding is a fun, eco-friendly and inexpensive way to fly. Learn in one of their two-seater gliders with an instructor to teach you how to check your glider, take off and fly until you’re confident enough to fly solo! If you’re looking to take to the skies without learning to fly yourself they also offer gliding experiences where one of their qualified gliders will take you up into the sky where you can relax and enjoy the amazing views.

Where can I try gliding in West Sussex?

Southdowns gliding is a great organisation that offers free gliding lessons in Storrington near Brighton.

With so much beautiful countryside around and below you, gliding in West Sussex is a great activity to add to your stack, whether you’re looking to pursue a new passion or experience a one-off thrill of flight. Gliding is also a great way to meet new people! With a friendly and enthusiastic community around you, you might find yourself coming back again and again.

  • Group bookings available for whatever type of group you are
  • Children under 18 years old require consent from a parent or guardian
  • Minimum and maximum weights and heights may apply
  • Prices from £120 per person for an introductory flight and one month’s membership

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