Looking for an adrenalin-filled day in a treetop activity centre? Go ap Bracknell has everything you need to get climbing up trees and tacking the assault course in the forest. Go ape has made a state-of-the-art play centre in the trees where you will be attached to a safety wire and will need to zip and climb your way around the platforms while being high up in the trees.

Where is Go ape Barcknell?

Located just off the Nine Mile Ride road.

The Go ape centre is home to a range of activities in the wood, it mainly being known for its treetop challenge with high rope and zipping amount the trees but they also have a forest Segway activity where you will take Segways with strong wheels on some offroad trails in the woods. They also have an axe-throwing area where you will test your accuracy and try to throw a little hatchet axe at a target.

  • Treetop challenge – £33, 2-3 hour duration
  • Forset segway £35, 1 hour duration
  • Axe throwing £15, duration 1 hour
  • Treetop adventure plus £25, duration 1 hour
  • Treetop adventure £20, duration 1 hour.
  • Opening days are Saturday and Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm

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