Would you like to become the 20th century Tarzan? Navigate your way through the exciting aerial courses of Go Ape while squealing from the treetops. The full tribe can experience the thrills of high roping as there are 3 different high rope courses available for all ages and capabilities! Other than tree climbing, get ready to take a big deep breath as you dive off 30ft tree-high top canopy in the thrilling nets adventure. Also available is an action-packed segway course around the park so why not give that a go as well!

Are there any high roping courses in Wrexham?

Wrexham has a Go Ape centre in the Black Park to the north of the A412 road.

This Go Ape in Wrexham has located just a hop and skip from Pinewood Studios in South Buckinghamshire. It’s filled to the brim with family-friendly attractions and activities for everyone to have a smashing time so why not add this to your Stack and head there now!

  • The minimum age requirement depends on the activity chosen
  • Minimum height of 1 meter
  • Maximum weight of 130KG
  • Receive a safety briefing before starting
  • Prices from £20 per person depending on the activity chosen

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