Aim, set and fire. Are you looking for an exciting day out with your friends? Then Go Ballistic paintball is the place for you, this 55 acre of forest and forts will be sure to get the adrenaline pumping through your veins. With this particular site being one of the largest sites Go Ballistic have to offer in the whole of Scotland it sure is one for the bucket list. with opportunities to book birthday parties or something like a work day out, it really is a great chance to have a fun packed afternoon. With 15 fast and furious play zones across 55 acres of outdoor terrain it really wont disappoint to entertain, whether its a free for all or a team capture the flag, you really will be kept on your toes and you could be shot at any time.

Where can I find Go Ballistic Paintball?

The site can be found next to Heriot Watt University, the quickest way to find it is by car, it is 6 miles in the south of Edinburgh just off the A71, you can get the number 25 bus from the city centre to be within walking distance.

Paintballing tips

  • Communication is key with your team mates about enemy positions
  • Be aware of your surroundings and which cover you have available
  • Don’t be afraid of getting shot as this may effect the way you play
  • Keep low and near cover as much as possible
  • Be aware of your ammunition so you don’t run out mid battle

All shooting and safety equipment will be provided before playing your first game, the only thing needing purchased will be your own paintball’s, on average you will roughly fire around 500 paintball’s through out the course of the day depending on how trigger happy you are. Parking and changing rooms are available on site to make life easier, there is also a café available to keep you and your friends refreshed all the way through your day out.

  • Pay as you play prices from 9.99
  • Age required is 11+
  • 100 paintball’s are 10 pounds

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