Go Dolphin Watching on a Jersey Seafari

Looking to explore Jersey? There is no better way to explore the stunning Jersey coast by boat in a Jersey Seafari! Jersey Seafaris provide regular boat trips, tours and private charters around the beautiful coastline and offshore islands: Les Écréhous & Les Minquiers. For the ultimate Jersey experience, you can discover one of the biggest tidal ranges in the world, discover secret sandbanks and see if you can spot the dolphins!

Where can i go on a boat trip in jersey?

Jersey Seafaris is the perfect place to find the perfect boat trip for you and your family- from dolphin spotting and cave exploring, to learning about the coast history it is not one to be missed!

Seafari have a trip to suit everyone; including Les Écréhous, Les Minquiers, north coast and caves, France for lunch or dinner!

Les Écréhous is one of the most popular Seafaris: a small group of islands and rocks situated 6 miles from Jersey. On a typical trip passengers will cruise around the reef hoping to spot the varied birdlife, Atlantic Grey Seals and if you are lucky bottlenose dolphins!

  • 1.5 hour £36.99 for adults / £31.99 for children U16
  • 2 hour £43.99 for adults / £38.99 for children U16
  • 3 hour £51.99 for adults / £45.99 for children U16




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