Go Kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboarding in Fife

Looking to start kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding but don’t know where to start? Och Aye Canoe offers a session that requires absolutely no prior experience – they’ll take you from a complete beginner and get you confident in the water in no time! Their sessions on Loch Leven and Lochore Meadows are perfect for beginners and their River Tay expeditions only require a basic knowledge of paddling and turning a kayak. For more experienced kayakers they also run trips to The Black Rock on the coast of Burntisland, a striking natural landmark and a beautiful place to take a kayaking trip.

Having started Och Aye Canoe as a way to share the joy of getting out on the water, their aim is to make sure you have fun and stay safe, with every session tailored to your needs and abilities to make sure you can learn at your own pace and have a blast while doing it! With their SUP sessions, you can even bring your dog out on the water with you!

Where can I learn to kayak in the Fife area?

Och Aye Canoe offers guided kayaking and SUP trips as well as lessons suitable for beginners all over Fife and Tayside, whether you want to explore Loch Leven, take a trip down the river, or even go sea kayaking!

Their kayaks are sit-on kayaks rather than sit-in (the most common type) this type of kayak allows for more flexibility and comfort as well as being generally safer for beginners – they are virtually unsinkable and if you do capsize you will simply fall off into the water and won’t find yourself stuck. These sit-on kayaks are also great for people with large body types, long legs, or limited flexibility, as well as any kids or adults who are nervous about trying kayaking for the first time.

Och Aye Canoe is a small, woman-owned business who are committed to respecting the natural environment and animals who live there as qualified Leave No Trace trainers.

  • £26 per person for kayaking sessions
  • £30 per person for stand-up paddleboarding sessions
  • Beginners sessions are suitable for ages 8 and up and max 3 people per session (one-to-one is also available)
  • For advanced sessions, you should bring your own equipment
  • Contact them via their website to arrange private or bespoke sessions

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