Are you brave enough to jump 15 000ft from the sky? If you are looking for the ultimate adrenaline-pumping activity then this one is for you! GoSkydive is the UK’s leading tandem skydiving centre located in Wiltshire to guarantee you an experience of a lifetime. Specialising in customer focussed skydiving days, GoSkydive ensures that everyone has a fun and safe day out.

Where can I go skydiving in Wiltshire?

GoSkydive is the UK’s specialist Tandem Skydiving centre also known as a skydive ‘dropzone’. If you’ve never skydived before – you’ve come to the right place!

GoSkydive is regulated by The National Governing Body for Skydiving (sport parachuting) – British Skydiving adheres to their strict regulations and uses the very best industry-leading parachute technology. They have a core team of full-time professional tandem skydive instructors who, as a team, have completed over 60,000 jumps. The friendly team will ensure you have a safe, fun-filled and massively exhilarating skydive experience.

Here at GoSkydive, they know just how important sharing this momentous event with friends and family is so have put together some different filming options for you. Whether you chose to have the ‘Ultimate Selfies’ or to star in ‘The Best Movie of All Time’  there is a video and or stills package to suit everyone!

  • 7000ft skydive: £209
  • 10 000ft skydive: £259
  • 15 000ft skydive: £328

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