Granton Beach in Edinburgh

Granton isn’t known for being the most beautiful place in Edinburgh but, like all places in Edinburgh it has some incredibly scenic places to visit. The beach in Granton is an underrated and pretty beach which is perfect for walks. I you catch it on a sunny day then this makes a good alternative to the extremely busy Portobello Beach! Also, its only a short bus ride over to  Newhaven, which is a great place to get some fish ‘n’ chips, a beer or just to see the lighthouse!

Where can we go to the beach in Edinburgh?

There are a few nice beaches around Edinburgh and, on a sunny day, Granton Beach is perfect for amazing views and a great walk! Granton Beach is on the north coast of Edinburgh and is just a short walk from Granton Harbour.

Along with all the normal beach activities, like digging holes in the sand, there are a few things slightly more unique to this beach! You can walk along the harbour right next to the sea and spot ships over the horizon on clear days, walk down to the beach and climb the rocks, or even go swimming in the sea!

  • Get a great view of the Forth Road Bridge
  • Perfect for dog walks
  • Open 24hrs a day and is free!

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