Want to explore the Peak District but don’t know where to start? Mountain guides Rachel Bolton and Richard Tower with Peak Walking Adventures are ready to help you get the most out of this stunning landscape and discover somewhere entirely new! Not only do they thoroughly research the best routes hills and moors, but they also aim to bring the countryside to life with stories and in-depth knowledge of its history; so you’ll get more than just a good walk out of your time with them. Stretch your legs and your imagination with one of their guided walking tours and add this to your Stack!

Where can I find the best walking tours in the Peak District?

Peak Walking Adventures offer a wide range of fantastic and entertaining walking tours year-round!

They offer a ton of different types of walks, including treasure trails at Robin Hood Stride, map reading days, explorations of the Bleaklow Superfortress plane crash site, and even a walk to the famous cliff where Keira Knightley stood in Pride and Prejudice! Visit their website to find the perfect walk for you and get ready for an adventure.

  • They offer open group walks, private walks and even walking challenges
  • Prices start from £38 pp for open group walks
  • Private walks are £150 per day
  • Private walking challenges start at £180 per day
  • Walking challenges cover up to 25 miles per day (they also offer shorter Trek Training Walks)
  • Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult

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