If you are looking for a hang gliding experience with your friends, then why not do it from all the way up in the air and try to hang glide in Devon today! Soar effortlessly through the air over the beautiful Devonshire seaside and experience the euphoria of flying like a bird. You’ll be given a pre-flight briefing and shown the equipment before you and your dual pilot will be strapped in and get ready to take off. Either by hill or aero-tow launching, you’ll be carried up into the air by natural thermal winds which will allow you to glide completely carbon emission-free. If conditions are right your dual pilot may offer you the chance to fly the glider by yourself!

Where can I try hang gliding in Devon?

Fly Like A Bird are a great company offering tandem hang gliding right by Woolacombe Beach.

You’ll be flying with dual pilot Sam Jeyes, the founder of Fly Like A Bird who started hang gliding when he was 18 and has been passionately committed to the sport ever since. He’s spent 12 years living in Canada discovering and testing new flying sites and in 2007 became the business manager for the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada.

Devon is also a great location with stunning views and warm weather through the summer, so after you and your friends can take the rest of the day to hang out on the beach reminiscing about your flying experience. If you’re looking for the chance to try something new with friends this is a great activity to add to your stack.

  • All equipment necessary for hang gliding is provided
  • Bookings may have to be rearranged due to bad weather on the day
  • Prices from £129 to £199 per person depending on the package
  • Full video footage of your day is available at an added price