Arctic skiing adventures are one of the most interesting ways you can see the beauty Iceland has to offer,  you will have the chance to see the wonderful Northern Lights while enjoying the potential for world-class downhill skiing. This all takes place at the magnificent Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland.  You will be guided by an expert, who has over 20 years of experience guiding large groups in heli-skiing. As Iceland’s only Helicopter skiing company, this really is a unique way to explore the slopes of North Iceland.

Where can we go on a skiing adventure like no other?

Iceland is an amazing destination to go skiing and what better way to do it than out of a helicopter. You will have the opportunity to ski from some of Iceland's highest vantage points all the way down to the sea.

There are 4 different programs to choose from depending on the skier’s ability and also the size of the party which wishes to participate.  The classic program will carry up to a maximum of 15 people, the premium package will hold up to 8 people 9 dependent on which helicopter is used. You are guaranteed to get plenty of skiing time when you partake in one of the programs. Accommodation will be provided for the time you spend at the resort. The skiing season starts at the end of February and will run through until the end of July.

  • Classic program prices from 7,700 EUR
  • Premium program prices from 9,900 EUR
  • 4-6 day program’s available on both classic and premium
  • Private program’s available for up to 5 guests

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