Heritage Tours at Auchindrain Township

For lovers of history, especially Scottish History. Then there is no place better to visit than Auchindrain township. This beautiful little setup explores the forgotten style of Scottish life. It is the only surviving township form and settlement typical of life across the middle ages until the 18th century. From then on Scotland went through a period of industrialization which pushed most townships like these out of existence, with people flocking to the cities and larger towns. However, the interesting thing about Auchindrain is that it survived from the middle ages up until the 1960s. The buildings are category A listed buildings which helps preserve the history and integrity of the site.

Where can I find Auchindrain Township?

The township is located along the A83 10 minutes drive from Inverary, it is also 45 minutes from the town of Oban and 90 minutes from Glasgow.

The site now has its own museum with interactive guides throughout to provide visitors with as much information as possible on the site. From open fireplaces, stone walls, and daily farm work, visitors can get the full experience of our ancestors. The facility deliberately attempts to bring visitors back to reality as much as possible, providing visitors with guide tablets in all languages and letting you explore yourself. It is recommended that visitors check the weather forecast before arrival, as most of the buildings are quite small and the museum is open air. The tour should take around 60-90 minutes to complete in total. Although, depending on the weather and how busy it is; this could be longer.

  • Interactive tours
  • Private site
  • Steeped in history and reality

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