Hidden Hankinson Guided Walk

Are you a lover of wonderful and rare sights? Then why wait to go on the Lake Hankinson Hike and guided tour walk, a full day of pure adventure and raw nature you will be sure to remember this forever. On this adventure you will discover a hidden lake deep into Fiordland, you will also experience the joy of 2 return boat rides and also a bush walk, you will also see Fiorlands oldest national hut. On the first boat journey you will find yourself riding across the South Islands largest lake Lake te Anau, once of the boat its a short walk to find the hidden lake and the oldest hut in Fiordland.

Where can I find a guided walk tour in South New Zealand?

Fiordland Outdoors have the perfect guided tour, the Lake Hankinson guided walk is a truly breath taking experience and can be said to be one of the best in the whole of New Zealand.

You will then jump on a second boat where you will find yourself deeper into Fiordland with a ride up Lake Hankinson, as you get closer you will find the oldest hut in Fiordland National park, the Hankinson Hut built in 1928 still stands strong, filled with it’s rich history and many stories. When at this sight be sure to soak in more than just the hut, you will have the perfect view of Wapiti river flowing beautifully past the hut, also take in just the pure beauty that Fiordland National Park has to offer.

  • Adults prices from $249 per peerson
  • Children can join in from $149
  • 7 hours for the whole journey
  • Available all year round

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