You will not need many reasons to go an adventure to the highland in Otago, only 45 minutes from the adventure capital of the world this once in a lifetime experience will truly meet any of your needs. When visiting the highlands in Otago it is key to stop by the Highlands Motorsport and tour park, with numerous activities available it is sure to get your adrenaline rushing through your body. Whether you wish to ride in the fast single go karts or even be take that one step further and be brave enough to take a whiz round in the magnificent Porsche or Ferrari.


Why should I go on an adventure around the Highlands in Otago?

Ride in an amazing Super Car, or choose from six other ways to enjoy the track at high speeds. Visit the cafe and have a look at the incredible collection of cars. The Highlands are a must-see for everyone.


For the people who are not looking to take an adrenaline thrilled adventure and would much rather have a relaxed day out then that is also an option here in the highlands. Take a casual and chilled walk through the highlands whilst taking in the breath taking scenery that surrounds you. The activities on offer in the highlands are ranked number one in the country and they are even more known for their affordability, each activity is kept to as low as cost as possible making this the perfect day out for any family. With thousands of 5 star reviews it almost guarantees to be an outstanding day out for everyone’s interests.


  • Open to everyone all year round
  • Super car experience $179 per person
  • Go karting $49 per session

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