Have you ever wanted to explore the Isle of Bute? If so, then the West Island Way could be the ideal choice for you! This hiking/walking trail showcases some of the best views that Scotland’s famous old islands have to offer. From vast stretches of shoreline, farmlands and forests, you surely will not find a more picturesque part of the country. If stunning views like these are not your thing, then don’t worry. This trail brings you up close and personal to some amazing historic sites in the area, like St Blane’s chapel and Glenmore.

How do I get to the Isle of Bute?

From Glasgow, you can get the train to Wemyss Bay from Central station, and then catch the ferry to Rothesay.

Although this route is very well signposted and taken care of, it is still highly recommended that visitors have access to maps for navigation. The route is mostly off-road, so it may be best to get some hiking practice in before attempting this trail. However, some portions of it are on-road and they usually aren’t too busy. It is also recommended that visitors pay attention to whether forecasts beforehand. Why not give this one a go on your day off?

  • 4 different trails.
  • 40 km in length.
  • Hiking over 2 day period is recommended.

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