Historic Military Fort in County Cork

Charles Fort is the place to be for any Funstackers that are keen to learn more about the military history of Ireland. Built on the ruins of Barry Óg Castle, a structure that played a key role during the Siege of Kinsale in 1601. Charles Fort has been involved in some of the most incredible events in Irish history, including the 13-day siege during the Williamite Wars. The star-shaped structure is beautifully preserved and there is a wealth of knowledge to gain around every corner.

Where can I visit a famous and historical building in County Cork?

Charles Fort in Kinsale is one of the country's largest military buildings and dates back to the late 17th century!

The views from the Fort are a sight to behold, stretching out over to Kinsale Harbour. There are a series of buildings to visit within the walls of the fort including the soldier’s barracks, fire engine house, the barrack stores, the gunpowder magazine and the lighthouse! Built on different levels and with cobbled stone roads running throughout, the fort feels like walking through a small village. If you are looking for a relaxed day out whilst learning more about the rich history of Ireland, then add Charles Fort to your Stack today!

  • Admission | Free
  • Monday – Sunday | 10:30 – 16:30
  • Cafe
  • Toilets

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