Are you looking for a unique day out? Perfect for families and children alike? This historic building has had an eventful life to date, being the original home to the fletcher clan up until relatively recent times. Its first recorded owner was Archibald Fletcher in 1715. This was a magnificent structure and has been recorded as being on the site since the 1500s. Unfortunately, a large portion of the castle was destroyed by a fire in 1997. This has meant that the category B-listed building is in very poor condition.

Why should I visit Dunans castle?

To take in the magnificent scenery and immerse yourself in the history of the Castle.

Tours are available at the castle, where you can see the magnificent structure in all of its glory. The tours usually last around an hour and give you a detailed history of the castle along with what future plans are in place for the site. Along with this, there is a gift shop on the site and an opportunity for patrons to take part in glamping to take in the area as much as possible.

  • Gift shop
  • Parking.
  • Guided tour.

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