Hofsós Outdoor Infinity Pool
Hofsós Outdoor Infinity Pool

Hofsós Outdoor Infinity Pool

Come and take a dip you won’t forget anytime soon!

Where can I find Hofsós Outdoor Infinity Pool?

Hofsós is on road 76 - the best way to get there is by rental car, since public transport is not very frequent in this part of Iceland. Hofsós is approximately one hour and a half/two hours' drive away from the capital of the North.

Hofós Infinity Pool is located in the small community of Hofós on the Trollaskagi Peninsula. This lovely heated pool came about when two heiresses donated money to the town to pay for this beautiful pool! It’s open all seasons – it’s especially beautiful in the snow, so winter is a great time to visit. The pool could not be closer to the sea, it’s almost like you’re in the Arctic Ocean without the freezing temperature! The village of Hofós is quite out of the way, but it’s worth checking out this hidden gem if you’re in the area.

  • June/August: 7am-9pm
  • September: 7am-8pm (weekdays) 11am-6pm (weekends)
  • October/May: 11am-4pm (weekends) 7am-1pm/5pm-8pm (weekdays)
  • Entry: 1000 ISK per person
  • Remember to bring a towel and your swimsuit!

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