Calling all animal lovers! Come along and visit Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary and meet some of the friendly long faces that call the sanctuary their home! For those who love all things equine, this is a must to add to your stack!

Why should I visit Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary?

Shy Lowen is an animal sanctuary for Horses and Ponies. By visiting the sanctuary and contributing, you are helping the effort to provide a safe haven for these beautiful animals!

All of the horses and ponies at the sanctuary are cared for and trained by local children. Many of which had never had close contact with a horse before! They are soon on their way to building the relationships of trust that are the cornerstone of the Sanctuary’s training. The more experienced children help the younger ones teach the horses to overcome their fears and learn the skills needed to be ridden horses that are ready for new homes! If this is not possible, worry not, as they will continue to be cared for at the Sanctuary!

The horses themselves are also extraordinary teachers! They don’t care about what kind of upbringing you have had or what clothes you wear. The horses at the Sanctuary help kids find that person inside! The horses teach them about self-worth, trust and confidence!

There are also ridden and companion horses at the Sanctuary that are available for a long-term loan!

  • Equine Assisted Therapy is available
  • The riding school is available for £9 for half-hour sessions or £15 for 1-hour sessions
  • Pony days and experiences from £5

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