Always dreamed of riding a horse? Or are you just looking for a unique way to see the stunning scenery of Iceland? Well, we’ve got the perfect activity for your stack! There’s no better way to explore Northern Iceland than with a horse riding tour from Polar Hestar.

Where can I go horse riding in Iceland?

Polar Hestar offer a range of riding tours through Northern Iceland's most beautiful locations, with day-trips or holiday packages.

Polar Hestars barn, who have been offering riding tours for decades, are located between the stony slopes of towering mountains and lush valleys of the North Atlantic. You’ll ride along rushing rivers, lonely fjords and beautiful lakes, a paradise for all. See the spectacular northern lights in a once in a lifetime experience through the stunning autumnal landscape of Northern Iceland. The ring around the midnight sun tour takes you around the breathtaking Lake Myvatan in the special early spring period, where the sun rarely sets. Take a short day tour, or a long holiday-style tour with a carefully curated itinerary to enjoy the best Iceland has to offer. Be enchanted by the magic of Iceland on horseback with Polar Hestar!

  • Suitable for first-time riders.
  • Check their website for individual tour details.
  • Holiday packages include accommodation and food.
  • Check the location page for directions to the farm.

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