Hot Air Balloon Ride in Canterbury

If going on a hot air balloon ride is something that interests you then you need to come to Adventure Balloons NZ, just an hour from Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand. Where you will get to enjoy breathtaking views of the stunning South Island scenery on every flight. The views will include; the  Southern Alps, Mount Cook (Aoraki) and so much more. They offer a scenic tour which lasts for 4 hours and can take up to 12 people which costs $260 NZD and includes; sparkling wine, free inflight photos, Safety Briefing, Light buffet on the landing field and transport to and from the meeting point! They also offer private charters and adventure package which each costs $1250 and $499 respectively.

Where can we go to do a hot air balloon experience in Canterbury?

If you visit Methven in New Zealand you are able to spend the day in a hot air balloon; appreciating or the stunning scenery and architecture that there is to offer.
  • price ranges from $260-$1250 depending on your choice of package
  • Lasts between 4 and 6 hours
  • located one hour outside of Christchurch
  • Other activities to do in Methven listed on the website


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