Ghost Hunting at Knowlton Church

Want to visit one of Dorset’s most haunted spots? Knowlton Church is one of the most atmospheric places in Dorset and is also said to be the most haunted. Within the picturesque surroundings lies an aura of melancholy where some of the spirits who have passed in the last 4000 years are said to still linger. Can you spot the phantom horse and rider or the weeping nun?

Why visit Knowlton Church?

If you are looking for something exciting to do when in Dorset, this is the perfect blend of fascinating history, beautiful scenery as well as a thrilling haunted adventure!

The Christian church was built in the 12th century and was deliberately sited in the middle of a pagan place of worship in an effort to assimilate Christianity and stamp out the Pagan beliefs. The Norman origins are clear from the plain round arch leading into the east end and the round-headed arches of the arcade dividing the nave from the north aisle.

  • Free entry
  • Open in daylight hours

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