Hunting Brook Gardens Co. Wicklow

Welcome to Hunting Brook, one of Ireland’s most dynamic and beautiful gardens, nestled in the lush greenery of Blessington, County Wicklow. This enchanting garden is the creation of Jimi Blake, a renowned plantsman who has spent over twenty years transforming it into a botanical haven that attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. Hunting Brook is not just a garden; it’s an experience that combines the wild beauty of its surrounding landscapes with innovative and daring planting styles.

Discover the magic of Hunting Brook

As you step into Hunting Brook, you’re immediately transported into a world where each turn and path reveals a new surprise. The garden boasts an impressive collection of plants, including rare species and Jimi’s personal favorites, which he has meticulously gathered from his travels around the world. The fusion of exotic and native plants creates a tapestry of color and texture that changes with the seasons, offering a unique experience with every visit.

What makes Hunting Brook unique among other gardens in Ireland?

Hunting Brook stands out due to its dynamic blend of exotic and native plants curated by renowned plantsman Jimi Blake over two decades. Its combination of innovative planting styles set against ancient woodland offers visitors an unparalleled botanical experience.

A sanctuary for plant lovers

Hunting Brook is not only known for its breathtaking beauty but also as a center for horticultural education. Jimi Blake runs various workshops and courses throughout the year, sharing his extensive knowledge on gardening and plant care. These sessions provide an invaluable opportunity for both novice gardeners and seasoned horticulturists to learn from one of Ireland’s most esteemed gardening experts.

Exploring beyond the garden

Beyond the cultivated areas lies an ancient woodland that dates back thousands of years. Visitors are encouraged to explore these woods through a network of trails that offer stunning views over the Wicklow mountains. This serene backdrop adds another layer to Hunting Brook’s charm, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility away from the hustle and bustle.

The vibrant tapestry of seasonal colors

No matter what time of year you visit, Hunting Brook promises an explosion of color. From the vivid blues and purples in spring to the fiery reds and oranges in autumn, each season paints the garden in a different hue. Summer brings lush greenery interspersed with bright splashes of color from perennials and annuals alike, while winter highlights the structural beauty of trees and shrubs against frosty backgrounds.

A community hub

Hunting Brook serves as more than just a garden; it’s a community hub where people come together to share their love for nature. Throughout the year, it hosts various events including plant fairs, open days, and guided tours led by Jimi himself. These gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to meet fellow gardening enthusiasts and immerse themselves in Ireland’s vibrant horticultural scene.


  • An expansive collection featuring rare plant species from around the world.
  • Educational workshops led by expert gardener Jimi Blake.
  • Ancient woodland trails offering breathtaking views over Wicklow mountains.
  • Seasonal displays showcasing vibrant colors throughout the year.
  • Community events fostering connections among gardening enthusiasts.

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