The Husafell Canyon Baths is a truly wonderful time out with anyone, with 2 different pools available set to temperatures that will suit you. All Canyon baths have the best possible view of the surrounding mountains, glaciers and the amazing canyon. The Canyon baths were constructed by all-natural resources like flagstone from the canyon floor, the baths are designed in a certain way to make them blend into the environment around them so they look like a complete fit in the area. The local tour guide who will take you on your journey throughout the area is a fully English speaking person with complete knowledge of the surrounding sites and they will take you to the best vantage points to ensure the best views.

Where can I find a relaxing stay in Huasafell?

Husafell canyon baths are one of the most relaxing ways to take in the breathtaking surroundings that Iceland has to offer, all canyon baths are made by natural resources and are an absolute joy to stay at.

The tour will last 2 hours and is described as a relaxing walk through nature’s wonders, you will see the stunning sight of the spectacular two-tiered waterfall Langifoss. The hike involved before reaching the Husafell canyon baths is for all levels of experience, there is however 64 steps down to the Husafell canyon baths. Beware that the route can change depending on the weather on the day as it is very common to come across mud, ice and snow.

  • Please bring waterproofs and appropriate footwear
  • Transport included to and from hotel
  • Must book well in advance