Husky Hiking Experience in Kent

If you’re a dog lover then don’t miss out on this brilliant experience with Eagle Heights! This experience is a favourite among visitors and its easy to see why! Who wouldn’t want to spend a few hours walking on the beautiful North Downs with some excitable, happy huskies and be able to go on private paths where you can see and photograph the dogs and the local wildlife!

Where is Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation?

Eagle Heights is on Lullingstone Lane, near the Lullingstone Country Park, just off the M25 south of Dartford.

The keepers will join you on the walk, which is approximately 2 miles long, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the dogs or any of the local wildlife you might see on your trip! This walk is sure to be a memorable experience and perfect for any active dog lovers!

  • The Husky Hike is £30
  • Make you enquire about when they have dates free before purchasing the voucher
  • Minimum age of 8

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