Icelandic Northern Light Tours with Börkur Hrólfsson

Looking to see Iceland in the safe hands of an experienced local? Then get in contact with Börkur Hrólfsson and book yourself a northern lights tour! Börkur was born and raised in Iceland and has been running tours for more than thirty years, so you know you’re with a super experienced and capable guide.

Where can I Find a Tour Guide in Reykjavík?

Contact Börkur Hrólfsson, an Icelandic tour guide with decades of experience.

Börkur Hrólfsson can tailor your guiding experience exactly to your needs, with off-road vehicles and extensive knowledge there’s nothing you can’t do. They specialise in northern light tours away from the bigger, commercial operations that will give you a truly unique and bespoke experience. Previous tours have included a 4×4 driving and hiking experience to Hekla Volcano, one of Iceland’s largest and most active volcanos described by European settlers as ‘the gateway to hell’. Alongside this previous customers have experienced off roading in Iceland’s highland glaciers and have been able to visit off the beaten path areas that would be impossible to gain access to with a larger tour group.

  • Bespoke Tours
  • Guiding with thirty years of experience
  • 4×4 tours
  • Caters to small groups
  • Free Quote

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