Icelandic Wonders Museum

Enter the secret world of ghosts and elves at The Wonders Museum in Iceland. Here you can hear and learn about Icelandic ghosts and elves and how this island influenced the writing and storytelling of the people who live on it.

Where is the Icelandic Wonders Museum?

The museum is located in the small seaside village of Stokkseyri on the southern coast of Iceland.

The Ghost Centre is where you can find the ghost maze which you can explore to find out about Iceland’s ghosts which date back to the beginning of Icelandic history.

The Wonders Centre is dedicated to Elves and The Northern Lights. You will learn about their origin, culture and how they came about to be part of Icelandic folklore. The centre also has a cinema room where you can see a filming of the elusive Northern Lights so you can see them in one form if you can’t catch the real thing or you’re visiting in summer.

  • Adult admission from 2000 ISK
  • 10-15-year-old admission from 1500 ISK
  • 6-9-year-old from 500 ISK
  • Discounts for groups if you call ahead

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