Ilkley Cow’s 58oz “Steak Board” Challenge near Bradford

Take on the very same challenge that popular food eating youtuber Beard Meets Food completed down at at The Ilkley Cow.  The 58oz steak board challenge   contains 58 ounces of delicious steak total on a wooden board containing 10 oz fillet, plus a rib-eye, sirloin, rump, and 20 oz T-Bone steak, all served with 1 lb of fries, and there is just a 1-hour time limit to finish everything.

Are there any food challenges near Bradford ?

Located in the Ilkley Cow in Ilkley, is the terrifying Ilkley Cow’s 58oz “Steak Board” Challenge!

If you dare to defeat this menace of a challenge you will receive a free meal voucher, your name and photo on the wall of fame, will you handle the challenge ?

  • Type: Steak
  • Price:£99 (~$130.30 USD)
  • Weight:5.5lbs/2.5kg
  • Time Limit:1 Hour

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