Immotion VR – Virtual Reality in Glasgow

Enjoy a mind-blowing VR experience, from the depth of the oceans to the outer reaches of the Universe in Glasgow!

First-time players will be guided throughout their experience, from simple single-player games to group playing games, the choice is yours! Learn how to handle weapons or use your actual body as a controller. How exciting is that?

Where can I try VR in Glasgow?

Immotion VR is the perfect place to immerse yourself in a new reality, where you can play with up to six people - just ask for the Exclusive Pass and start your adventure! You'll find their venue a 15-minute drive west of central station via the M8, or you can take the bus from West Campbell Street via the X7 or X23.

You can try an archery or light-based music game before moving up to the multi-player sessions, on the state-of-the-art VR device VIVE PRO 6DOF. Then, you can experience their car racing simulators or VR rollercoasters.

Love horror? Then you will love the Batman Arkham adventure. You will be immersed in the Dark Knights universe, experiencing Gotham city through the eyes of the world’s greatest detective in this new Arkham mystery. Use legendary gadgets to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of Batman’s closest allies.

There are so many adventures to choose from that will suit any age such as Shark dive, which is an educational experience, or join the challenge and experience thrilling multiplayer in ‘Pistol Whip’, an action-packed shooting game. The choices are endless – Immotion VR is the perfect way activity to book for kids’ parties, group activities or family outings, and an experience you won’t soon forget, so book now!


  • Prices range from £20 to £35
  • Tournament with £1000 worth of prizes to be won!
  • Must be 8 or older
  • Must book online to enter

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