Indoor Climbing Centre in Durham

Welcome to the Durham Climbing Centre, a premier destination for climbing enthusiasts and novices alike, nestled in the scenic landscapes of Durham in the North of England. This comprehensive guide aims to provide visitors with all the necessary information to make their visit both enjoyable and memorable. From the wide range of climbing activities available to the state-of-the-art facilities on offer, Durham Climbing Centre caters to climbers of all ages and abilities, ensuring a fun-filled adventure for everyone.

Exploring the facilities

Durham Climbing Centre boasts an impressive array of climbing walls and routes designed to challenge and excite climbers. With over 1000 square metres of climbing surface, including bouldering areas, top rope stations, and lead climbing routes, there’s something for every level of climber. The centre also features a dedicated kids’ area, making it an ideal spot for family outings. Safety is paramount at Durham Climbing Centre, with experienced staff on hand to provide guidance and support.

What makes Durham Climbing Centre unique compared to other climbing centres?

Durham Climbing Centre stands out due its extensive range of facilities catering specifically towards both seasoned climbers as well as beginners across all age groups; combined with its commitment towards fostering a strong community spirit through regular events.

Getting started

For those new to climbing or looking to brush up on their skills, Durham Climbing Centre offers a variety of courses and coaching sessions. Beginners can take advantage of introductory courses that cover basic techniques and safety procedures, while more experienced climbers can enroll in advanced workshops or one-on-one coaching sessions to refine their skills. All equipment is available for hire at the centre, so there’s no need to worry if you’re not fully kitted out.

Membership and pricing

Visitors have several options when it comes to accessing the facilities at Durham Climbing Centre. Day passes are available for those looking for a one-off adventure, while memberships offer unlimited access and additional benefits such as discounts on courses and gear rental. Special rates are offered for families, students, and groups, making it an affordable option for everyone.

Café and community

No visit to Durham Climbing Centre would be complete without stopping by the onsite café. Offering a range of refreshments from coffee and cakes to healthy snacks and meals, it’s the perfect place to refuel after a climb or relax with friends. The centre also hosts regular events such as competitions, film nights, and social gatherings that help foster a vibrant community spirit among climbers.

Location and accessibility

Situated conveniently in Durham North of England, the centre is easily accessible by public transport or car with ample parking available onsite. Its location makes it an ideal day trip destination not only for locals but also for visitors from further afield looking to explore what Durham has to offer beyond its historic architecture.


  • Over 1000 square metres of climbing surface
  • Bouldering areas, top rope stations & lead climbing routes
  • Dedicated kids’ area
  • Variety of courses & coaching sessions available
  • All equipment available for hire
  • Day passes & membership options with special rates
  • Onsite café offering refreshments & meals
  • Regular community events like competitions & film nights

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