Indoor climbing is a great way to get fit, helping improve your strength and agility.  While indoor climbing is a great way to stay dry! The Lock Climbing Wall cater for complete beginners with professional instruction, to seasoned climbers who are free to climb on their own.  For beginners, there are two options, either a one-off supervised session or a supervised session with the aim of building up the skills to register to climb unsupervised in the future.

Where is the biggest indoor climbing centre in Essex?

The Lock Climbing Wall is the biggest in Essex with a wide range of climbs suitable for each skill level.

Already a climber and want to develop your skills further. You can also register to climb unsupervised or take part in a number of climbing courses. These start from a complete novice, all the way to becoming a climbing instructor.  A small cafe will help you refuel before you embark on your next tricky climb!

  • Open 7 days per week from 10:00 am.
  • Monthly pass adults – £42.00
  • Monthly pass children – £21.00
  • Pay-per-visit adults (non-members) – £12.00
  • Pay-per-visit children (non-members) – £6.00
  • Climbing equipment hire available
  • Limited free parking

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