Indoor Climbing in The Highlands

Ever wanted to pick up a new hobby that reaches new heights? At Three Wise Monkeys Climbing Centre, newcomers to indoor climbing can flourish and have a great first experience of the activity! The dedicated instructors will ensure that your climbing experience is the best possible to leave you itching to come back for more “monkeying” around! Plan your trip to the centre now and get ready to get your foot in the door of this incredibly exciting activity!

Why should I go climbing at Three Wise Monkeys Climbing Centre?

The Three Wise Monkeys Climbing Centre offers a multitude of different climbing activities that can be tailored around visitors' age and abilities. From introductory sessions for the little ones to full family climbing sessions, there is something suited for you at the centre! Perfect for beginners and experts at the activity, this venue welcomes all and promises to provide a great climbing experience!

For visitors who aren’t sure where to start their climbing adventures, the centre offers a range of courses and introductory sessions that are perfect for families and individuals to enjoy the activity in a safe, adventurous atmosphere! These sessions include an hour and a half with one of the professional instructors and access to rope climbing and bouldering. The roped climbing involves climbing with a rope above you to help you get used to climbing freely before moving on to the bouldered walls which are much shorter in height and come equipped with fun challenges with crash mats below!

To find out how the centre can help progress your climbing, or for information on disabled climbing sessions, please get in touch with the centre via telephone or email for more information!

  • Open on weekdays from 10 am to 10 pm
  • Open on weekends from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Single-visit pass £10, 5 visits pass £45
  • 1 month pass £50
  • Annual pass £450
  • Monthly memberships from £40 per month
  • Shoes and harnasses included with session


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