Indoor Snow Sports in West Yorkshire

Looking to learn how to snowboard but don’t want to have to get on the flight. Then Snozone is perfect for you! Great for family fun and getting on the slopes anytime in the year Snozone has real snow, jumps, and a great Alpine restaurant too! Able to cater for all skill levels and kids too, plus all equipment hire is free and included in the ticket price. They also do sledging so the little ones can get in on the action too!

Where can I go skiing in Yorkshire?

Snozone Yorkshire is a great place to do snow sports in Yorkshire. With real snow, it's great for beginners to learn or freestylers to practice their skills and get some great food afterwards too!

The restaurant is Alpine-themed and prides itself on the quality of its ingredients. With schnitzels, burgers, salads and a licenced bar that overlooks the slopes, there is something for everyone while you’re watching the kids have lots of fun!   It’s -5 degrees on the slope so make sure to wrap up warm and make sure to arrive about 45 minutes before your booking to get the kit hired and fitting before your session starts.

  • Prices vary a lot depending on the length and type of session.
  • Day lift pass £49.99
  • 45 mins Sledging is £9.99 pp
  • Beginners day course £149.99

Some tips for skiing and snowboarding

  • With snowboarding, a lot of your balance comes in the hips, so try and ride using the edge of the board and use your hips to put your centre of gravity over the uphill edge of the board.
  • Steering and control is the most important part of skiing so that you can stay safe and have fun on the slope. So make sure you get the basics of stopping, slowing, and steering whilst parallel skiing before you go for any particularly challenging runs.
  • Both skiing and snowboarding require a lot of crouching and knee bending so when you get your boots make sure you get comfortable with crouching in them and when you’re on the slopes trying to loosen your knees and crouch to improve balance.

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