Into The Glacier Iceland

Are you interested in releasing your inner Bear Grylls because if you are then you need to visit Into the Glacier in Iceland which allows you to visit the largest ice tunnel in the world! They offer a total of six tours; INTO THE GLACIER FROM REYKJAVIK, INTO THE GLACIER TOUR FROM HUSAFELL,  INTO THE GLACIER TOUR FROM KLAKI BASE CAMP, INTO THE GLACIER TOUR FROM THINGVELLIR NATIONAL PARK, INTO THE GLACIER FROM REYKJAVIK and PRIVATE ICE CAVE TOUR IN ICELAND! With the prices ranging from $163 – $244 aside from the last one as you have to message them to get a more detailed price. Each tour lasts its own length of time but it ranges from 2 and 11 hours!

Why should i visit into the glacier when i go to iceland?

At into the glacier you can tour the largest man-made ice tunnel in the world. The ice tunnel and the caves are located high on Iceland‘s second largest glacier, Langjökull. As part of the tour you will be given the opportunity to explore the glacier and also investigate all of the inside.

They also have partners which give you offers on deals such as; Lava Cave Tour, Húsafell Bistro, Húsafell Geothermal Tours, Lava Tunnels and help shave off your carbon footprint. if you are somebody who loves the winter and taking on a new adventure then you absolutely need to have this on your fun stacker list!

  • six different tours
  • lasts between 2 and 11 hours
  • largest ice tunnel that was man-made in the world
  • prices vary

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