What kind of stuff is there to do on the Isle of Scilly? There are boat cruises, some of the most beautiful sightseeing that the UK has to offer as well as several on-land activities such as horse riding or even bars to spend a relaxing night in

Where can I take a holiday to a remote island?

The Isles of Scilly is the perfect place for you, with so much to do you can be sure you wont get bored!

There are also several ways for you to get to the isles of Scilly. Take to the skies in a Skybus from several different locations, or hop aboard the Scillonian Ferry. There is travelling available for whether you want to spend just a day on the Island, or accommodation available if you want to make a full holiday of it, which I’m sure you will

  • Travelling packages from just £35
  • Several different islands to choose from
  • Skybus times from 20-60 minutes depending on where you take off from
  • Ferry time of around 3 hours