Ever fancied flying a plane? This kind of Jet Simulator is the closest you can get while still on the ground! Over the span of several years, the plane enthusiasts at Jet Simulator Ltd have created this simulator themselves, sourcing the highest quality components to manufacture a realistic Boeing 737 experience. In this building, the crew are two pilots with over 40 years of flying experience (both of whom are qualified to fly a Boeing 737), as well as a mechanical engineer and an auto technician whose main speciality is electronic diagnostic work – every aspect of crafting a jet simulator is covered! The flights can be customised to your specifications: there’s no time limit, they can speed up through parts of the flight you’d rather skip, and you can even request a catered transatlantic flight, just like the real thing! If you’re looking for a very authentic experience, they can offer almost every detailed check that a real pilot would have to do!

Where can I find the Jet Simulator?

You can find this incredible experience just south of Doncaster city centre!

If you’d like to buddy up, CoPilots are always welcome so feel free to bring a friend. Their aim is to balance the ticket price and the high quality of the simulator, making for an affordable but impressive flying experience.

  • 1 hour: £120
  • 2 hours: £180
  • 3 hours+: Please enquire
  • Open: 24/7

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