Jorvick Viking Centre in York

Jorvick Viking Centre in York

If you’ve ever wanted to find out more about England’s Nordic history, or just a fascinating day out with family or friends, Jorvick Viking Centre is the perfect activity to add to your stack. Discover a new compelling part of England’s history in style by taking it’s famous ride that takes you around York’s Viking-age sights, and admire York’s Viking legacy by heading to it’s galleries home to the cities 1000 year old artefacts.

Where can I see Viking history in England?

With a rich history of Viking settlement, York is the place. Head down to the Jorvick Viking Centre, just 1 mile from York Station.

Jorvick Viking Centre is home to one of England’s oldest known Viking settlements – here you can discover some of the rarest and most exquisite Viking artefacts from around the world, and with their advanced technologies, experience not only it’s sights but also it’s sounds and smells, as you are taken back to what it was like to live in 10th century York. The ride, themed around the astonishing Coppergate dig of 1979, will allow you to relive 10th century York in an amazing fully-realised reconstruction – you can see the plants, animals and inhabitants lives of one of England’s largest historical trading hubs.

  • Single adult tickets go for £12.50, Seniors at £10.50, and children at £8.50 respectively. Under 5’s go free.
  • Family tickets can be booked for £35 (family of 4) and £40 (family of 5)
  • School visits are welcome, which can be arranged by contacting the centre at 01904 615505 or

Jorvick Viking Centre

Coppergate Shopping Centre
19 Coppergate
Phone: 44 01904 615505


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