Journey to the Centre of New Zealand

If you are looking for a walking trail with a difference, why not make your way to the exact centre of New Zealand! Find yourself immersed in the stunning New Zealand scenery and make your way to the epicentre of the country! Add to your stack now to take the first step in your journey!

Where do I start the journey to the Centre of New Zealand?

The walking trail towards the Centre of New Zealand starts off at the Botanical Reserve and takes you over a footbridge from the end of Hardy Street. Alternatively, you can set off from the Nelson Visitor Information Centre and follow the Maitai Walkway to the same footbridge.

The Centre of New Zealand is one of the most popular walks in the country! Make sure to take a peek at the information panel at the bottom of the hill to discover some incredible views over the city of Nelson and the history of the area.

Overall, the journey to the Centre of New Zealand will take somewhere between 20-60 minutes, depending on physical ability and age. The trail itself is suitable for the likes of prams and buggies.

When you reach the top of the hill, why not take a seat and have a moment to absorb the incredible views and try and spot some of the eye-catching features of Nelson’s area from the information panels.

Once you have done your share of sightseeing, you can head back downhill on one of the other tracks on the hill, or better yet, why not head along the hillside towards Walters Bluff, which is perfect for the hot weather as you can bring your trunks and have a swim at the Black Hole down the eastern side of the hill towards Brantford Park before taking the Maitai Track back to the start of your journey!

  • Perfect for swimming in the hotter seasons
  • Make sure to bring appropriate footwear for the walk
  • Dogs are welcome
  • 20-60 minute long walk on average


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