Kayaking in Waimangu

If you enjoy kayaking then you need to add kayaking at Waimangu Volcanic Valley to your Funstacker list because as part of the experience you will; Discover Lake Rotomahana, paddle to the waters edge and see bays full of geothermal wonders. All whilst you learn stories all about the Pink and White Terraces, the Tarawera eruption and the creation of Waimangu Volcanic Valley. If you wish to take the walk beforehand you are more than welcome to but be warned they suggest taking out 2 hours to complete the 4 kilometres. For this activity it only costs $130 New Zealand dollars so be sure to come to this truly spectacular and fantastic activity.

Why should I go to Waimangu Volcanic valleys to try out kayaking?

If you go there not only will the whole activity last 4 hours but 90 minutes will include guide kayaking and will also let you visit the Steaming cliffs which is one of the world's youngest geothermal system.
  • The activity costs $130 per person
  • The total length of the activity should lasts 4 hours
  • the training is provided so do not worry if you have no experience


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